Chris Reimer Discusses Google Plus on Fox 2 TV

Should Google Plus play a role in your organization’s social media strategy? I appeared with Angela Hutti on Fox 2 TV to discuss the new social media platform. We are advising clients to consider using Google Plus, at least to broadcast the same things being posted on Twitter and Facebook. Most clients have limited time and budgets for social media, so they’re questioning whether they have time for this or not. If a client says they’re not interested due to time constraints, strategic reasons or a lack of interest, I do not put up a fight.

Nevertheless, I do think it’s a well-built service. And, as I say near the end of the piece, Facebook could make some major misstep that causes people to run for the door. It’s hard to picture this, but it could happen. If something disasterous befalls Facebook, Google would be smart to have Google Plus tuned up and ready to accept more daily users.

(Here’s a link to the page on Fox 2′s website, in case the video embedded above doesn’t work for you.)

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