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The Key to Success

It’s been suggested that one key to success in business is working with people you like. We couldn’t agree more.

For over 43 years, Falk Harrison has been fortunate to have solid on-going working relationships with clients such as Monsanto, Arch Coal, Commerce Bancshares, Graybar and others. One smaller, lesser-known client that we have had the pleasure of working with over the years is Chesterfield Montessori School.

CMS_w_tagChesterfield Montessori School serves children from ages three to six. Its students come from 30 different countries and they are able to share the richness of their cultures within the school community.

Recently, the school came to us in need of an entirely new visual voice to tell their story of excellence in education. They required a brand that better represented the sophisticated, thoughtful and uniquely creative environment that they have established for their students. They also wanted their materials to better reflect their cultural diversity.

Falk Harrison worked closely with the school’s passionate staff to develop a new logo and the tagline “discover the difference” to create a more cohesive brand experience across all of their communications channels. We also designed a highly visual website that showcases a wide variety of learning opportunities that each child experiences at Chesterfield Montessori School.


The school is truly a partnership between parents, children and teachers that has created a place where children and families can grow and flourish. At Falk Harrison, we are proud of the partnership we have with Chesterfield Montessori School that can help to make that possible.



For more information on Chesterfield Montessori School, visit their new website at

Stories in the Making: 43 Years of Designing Annual Reports.

For over 43 years, Falk Harrison has designed and produced annual reports that effectively connect with stakeholders. Working hand-in-hand with our client partners, we have helped tell inspiring stories – and we have built our own storied history along the way.

We know a compelling annual report is not the result of a formulaic process. More often, a team of dedicated people works in unison to navigate the challenging landscape that is inherent to crafting a powerful communication tool. The greatest reward for the annual report team is simply the memories of a journey filled with behind-the-scenes stories that are personal, unique, and integral to the long-lasting client relationships we cherish.

Falk Harrison would love to tell your company’s story – a story where we help you clearly articulate and communicate your key messages and value-drivers. And rest assured our journey together will be filled with stories worth telling.

Enjoy this look at some of those stories that we created in our 43 years of producing annual reports.

New Work: Webster University George Herbert Walker School of Business 2013 Notabene

The George Herbert Walker School of Business and Technology at Webster University has just released the fourth Notabene magazine designed by Falk Harrison. We have worked with Dean Benjamin Ola Akande, Ph.D. since 2009, and each year, Dr. Akande’s request is simple: “This has to be better than last year.”

In 2010, we highlighted the school using the concept of Social Media, featuring a visit by Twitter’s founder Jack (@Jack) Dorsey. Back then, we were at the very beginning of mass acceptance of social media as a business communication tool.

In 2011, we highlighted the new home of the school, the East Academic Building. The building was designed by noted architect Robert A. M. Stern, Dean of the Yale University School of Architecture.

In 2012, we turned our focus to diversity, with a theme of “Inclusive Excellence.” The metaphor of the centennial celebration of the Oreo Cookie paired with an all black-and-white magazine helped us accentuate excellence from an eclectic mix of people from around the globe.

And this year, we share the “Evidence” of The Walker School’s success from every standpoint. Is the 2013 edition the best Notabene yet? The jury is still out, but we wanted to share the evidence with you and let you be the judge.


p.s. Falk Harrison also produced this year’s University Report for Webster University at large.

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New Work: Bi-State Development Agency 2013 State of the Agency Report

Bi-State Development Agency, commonly known in the community as Metro, has been impacting the St. Louis region since 1949. Many think of Metro as the local transit authority, but their true mission is solving regional problems and driving economic development around the two-state region of Greater Metropolitan St. Louis.

For their recent State of the Agency report, Bi-State worked with Falk Harrison to craft a document designed to change the mindset that the Agency is solely responsible for operating the Metro mass transit system. In fact, Bi-State operates as three distinct yet interrelated businesses: Metro Transit, The St. Louis Downtown Airport, and Business Enterprises. Each operation works to achieve the common goal of fueling the growth of the local economy.

The Bi-State/Falk Harrison team chose to place a special supplement in the St. Louis Business Journal. This is the audience directly impacted by Bi-State’s catalytic efforts that yield job creation, residential and commercial development, and economic growth. Our team learned this first-hand by performing hours of research and conducting interviews with key stakeholders of the Agency. The intelligence gathered aided us in developing the strategy and messaging for this year’s annual report. Along the way we learned a great deal about the Agency and the first-class people working hard for our region.

This year’s report is a bold statement, delivering the Agency’s message directly to their key demographic and beginning the journey of solidifying the Agency’s impact on our economy in the eyes of the region’s business and public leaders.

If you didn’t receive your St. Louis Business Journal, you can experience the whole publication for yourself below.

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New Work: Reinsurance Group of America (RGA) 2012 Annual Review

RGA 2012 Annual Report designed by Falk Harrison

Headquartered in St. Louis, MO, Reinsurance Group of America, Incorporated (RGA) is a leader in the global life reinsurance industry, with approximately $2.9 trillion of life reinsurance in force and assets of $40.4 billion, and serves clients around the world from operations in 25 countries.

RGA, which is recognized for its innovation, client commitment and experience in the world of  insurance and reinsurance, approached Falk Harrison to conceive and design its 2012 Annual Review. With a mandate to create a more-dynamic look and feel to this year’s book,  the RGA/Falk Harrison team worked closely together to develop an Annual Review that highlights RGA’s commitment to “Partnering for Growth.”

A relatively young company compared with some of its global competitors, RGA sought an Annual Review that would  deliver a feeling of dynamism and excitement through the use of color and graphic elements. Life reinsurance, individual living benefits reinsurance and facultative underwriting have seldom before been presented with such energy and flair.

Below are selected spreads from the RGA 2012 Annual Review

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