The Key to Success

It’s been suggested that one key to success in business is working with people you like. We couldn’t agree more.

For over 43 years, Falk Harrison has been fortunate to have solid on-going working relationships with clients such as Monsanto, Arch Coal, Commerce Bancshares, Graybar and others. One smaller, lesser-known client that we have had the pleasure of working with over the years is Chesterfield Montessori School.

CMS_w_tagChesterfield Montessori School serves children from ages three to six. Its students come from 30 different countries and they are able to share the richness of their cultures within the school community.

Recently, the school came to us in need of an entirely new visual voice to tell their story of excellence in education. They required a brand that better represented the sophisticated, thoughtful and uniquely creative environment that they have established for their students. They also wanted their materials to better reflect their cultural diversity.

Falk Harrison worked closely with the school’s passionate staff to develop a new logo and the tagline “discover the difference” to create a more cohesive brand experience across all of their communications channels. We also designed a highly visual website that showcases a wide variety of learning opportunities that each child experiences at Chesterfield Montessori School.


The school is truly a partnership between parents, children and teachers that has created a place where children and families can grow and flourish. At Falk Harrison, we are proud of the partnership we have with Chesterfield Montessori School that can help to make that possible.



For more information on Chesterfield Montessori School, visit their new website at

The Best of Falk Harrison 2014 Digital

As 2014 draws to a close, we take a look back at some of the digital work that Falk Harrison has produced this year for some amazing clients.

Our 2014 digital portfolio includes multi-platform responsive websites for consumer and home improvement products, schools, restaurants and non-profits, encompassing custom web design, video, original photography and illustration, e-commerce, store and product finders and more.

A sampling of this year’s digital work can be viewed in the short video below.

Rebranding Fun: Miracle Recreation

With over 85 years of experience, Miracle Recreation is one of the oldest and largest commercial playground manufacturers in the country and produces some of the highest quality products and customer satisfaction rates in the industry.

Miracle’s parent company, PlayPower, asked Falk Harrison to help them rebrand Miracle, while preserving and celebrating a proud heritage of quality, innovation and value. After a thorough review of the existing brand, Falk Harrison proposed a completely new and extensive brand and identity system for all marketing and business communication vehicles. The new Miracle brand officially launched as The Face of Play on the flagship communication, the 2013 catalog. Falk Harrison continued to work with Miracle to extend the new brand to the product brand level as well, showcasing the innovative Mega Phyzics™ line at its debut at their national trade show in late 2012.

PlayPower and Falk Harrison have worked together to strategically redesign and produce brand work and marketing materials for their well-known Little Tikes Commercial brand, as well.


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