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A is for: Artifact

Exhibit Catalog for COCA St. Louis' exhibit, "A is for..."

The Center of Creative Arts St. Louis (COCA) recently curated an art exhibit, “A is for…,” with the help of curating artist Gina Alverez. The exhibit paired letters of the alphabet with local artists who also are parents. Each artist was commissioned to create a work of art surrounding their given letter, and even more interesting, write a short essay on how their children have played a role in their creative process.

The show, “A is for…” hangs in COCA’s Millstone Gallery. Participating artists include: Gina Alvarez, Amy Alton Bautz, Brendan and Sarah Bayless, Ilene Berman, Rick Dunn, John Early, Ben Guffee, Jana Harper, Jason Hoeing, Anne Treeger Huck, Tom Huck, Jim Ibur, Matthew Jeans, Robert Longyear, Lindsay Obermeyer, John Parker, Daniel Raedeke, Dionna Raedeke, Ruth Reese, Eric Repice, Amy Firestone Rosen, Fabio Rodriguez, Christine Sarra, John Sarra, Jennifer Walker, Ken Wood. The show runs through August 13, 2011.

Falk Harrison collaborated with Eric Woods of The Firecracker Press on a 64 page, limited issue exhibit catalog. Mike Speckhard of Speckhard Photography photographed each piece of art in the exhibit for the catalog. Murray Print Shop print and bound the collaborative book.

The exhibit catalog is available for purchase at COCA. For information, call (314) 725-6555, or visit COCA’s Millstone Gallery at 524 Trinity Ave., University City (St. Louis), MO.

Flip through the catalog to learn more about the art, the essays and the artists. This doesn’t do the printed artifact justice, however. To experience the letterpressed book board cover, you really need to purchase the book. Proceeds go to fund future gallery endeavors at COCA.

View the exhibit catalog on Issuu

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